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The inspire2action Team

LIAM O’CONNELL is an acclaimed Business Consultant, Speaker, International Author and Film Producer who specialises in inspiring people to create fantastic businesses and lives.  Liam has spoken to thousands of people at venues including Imperial College London, Lords and Old Trafford.  He can help you make an emotive and unforgettable film that totally connects with your audience.

MARTYN HARRIS is an experienced and incredibly talented Film Maker who has worked for Reuters, BBC, ITV and Channel 4.  He is a former Professional Musician who has performed at venues including The Royal Albert Hall and Moscow’s acclaimed Conservatory.  Martyn understands exactly how to combine music and film to produce an incredible viewing experience.

“Helping you to successfully engage and inspire your people”

Using emotive “real life” footage we capture the essence of human emotion and help you to successfully engage with your people.

inspire2action are dedicated to producing amazing films that have lasting impact with substance and soul.

Often people waste their time and money on standard boring corporate videos that are watched once but never make any emotional connection with people or change their attitude or approach.

inspire2action are only interested in making innovative films that make a positive and lasting difference to our clients and their customers.  Films that allow real people to tell their own stories in their own words. 

We can help you with a unique approach to your business challenges including:

            People Development
            Change in Management Issues
            People Engagement
            Lobbying and Campaigning